the mcclanaHANDMADE difference

every product we sell is individually handmade,  customized and made-to-order with high-quality, all natural ingredients - even if that means taking a chance to be different.

the fact is, most (if not all) commercial products are made with synthetic ingredients - components that may actually harm you immediately or over time.

natural ingredients don’t perform like synthetic ingredients. in most cases, you're going to use a lot less and get a bit different experience than you have come to expect.

let’s face it, because our products are 100% natural, it may take some getting used to...but we're pretty sure once you get the hang of it, you're going to love it.

effective results combined with the peace of mind knowing our products are safe for your entire family, we have no doubt that you will agree that chances are worth it and different really is better.

we are your non-toxic one stop shop!


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I absolutely loved the scrub I ordered...Great value, wonderful scent and fantastic results ❤️ I’ll definitely be ordering more!!

Ann S.

This facial oil has become a part of my nightly routine! The oil smells and feels like a spa-type face mask, too. I cannot speak highly enough on the use of oils for your face specifically, especially if you combat combination skin or fine lines!

Jackie C.

[Face scrub is] Awesome stuff! Gentle enough for your face and never left a greasy feeling. Had issues with dry skin and this really helped!

Natalie S.

Thank you for your dedication to make safe natural products that don’t contain toxic ingredients. I love the body butter and scrub and will definitely be purchasing other products.

Kathy M.

Love everything about these products! ❤️ I personally use as well as recommend to my clients to use Mcclanahandmade. Pure, organic making your skin feel and look amazing.

Deidra N.

I have tried the body butter, scrub, wrinkle roller ball, and the lip balm! I love it all!!!!! The body scrub is the BEST I’ve ever used (honest). I also love it’s all natural and the jars can be re-used!!

Christine B.

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