2020 Production Availability

hi friends. thank you for your support & patience. as we try to navigate life the best way we know how, we are met with uncertain times. many of our suppliers are having issues keeping items in stock, causing delays in shipping & overall turn around time. we will reach out to you with the e-mail provided at checkout if something you have purchased has become unavailable or will be significantly delayed.

having said that, I will be out of town and/or unavailable for custom orders the following days :

July 23 - July 31 : out of town

September 1 - September 7 : out of town

September 13 - September 23 : FALL FEST Virtual Market Prep

November 1 - November 10 : Confections for a Cause Fundraiser & Holiday WVWMM Boxes

November 20 - November 28 : Small Business Saturday Virtual POP UP Market prep

December 7 - December 31 : LAST STOP Holiday Shop & Season's Greetings