whipped body butter : specialty scents

whipped body butter : specialty scents

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treat yourself to luxurious INTENSE MOISTURE* with our newest formula of 100% natural body butter - handmade with loads of amazing ingredients. remember - a little goes a long way!


2 oz / 59 g or 8 oz / 226 g amber jar



'70s Essential Oil Blend Oh the ‘70s. A time of chest hair, polyester, butterfly collars, bell bottoms, disco, Star Wars, and Nixon. The ’70s was a seminal decade, setting the tone for the years ahead. Plant Therapy’s '70s blend smells like Elton John, Led Zepplin, and Fleetwood Mac, mixed with Stevie Wonder and just a hint of Bee Gees. Blending Patchouli, Cedarwood, Lemon, Lavender, Clove Bud and Rose, this is a wonderful trip down a polyester-lined memory lane.

'80s Essential Oil Blend Being alive in the ’80s was totally tubular and this blend captures that feeling! Close your eyes and envision yourself at the skating rink - your hair is as big as your love for mix tapes, your double-layered socks are definitely neon, and you can’t decide whether to request Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or Duran Duran as the next song. This blend will make you feel like a cross between Breakfast Club, Footloose, E.T. and Gremlins. With notes of Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, Peru Balsam, and Lime, this blend will have you dreaming of reaching in your backpack for your favorite Lip Smackers!

'90s Essential Oil Blend
Whether you were a Spice Girl or a grunge girl, you loved the '90s! It was all jean jackets, Doc Martens and platform sandals. You watched Titanic 500 times and kept your Kissing Koolers in your fanny pack. Away from home? No problem! Your friends could catch you on your pager. You had an iMac. But once you’d dialed up to the world wide web, you weren’t sure what to do next. This blend captures the '90s and is a cross between the Macarena and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Orange Essence, Lime Steam Distilled, Mandarin Essense, Star Anise and Lemongrass give this blend an aroma that is part flannel shirt, part boy band realness.


Spring Bouquet - Nothing says changing seasons like new growth and everything in bloom. This is a blend of sweet orange, lavender, ylang ylang & roman chamomile that creates a beautiful bouquet of spring time. 

Summer Vibes - Wind in your hair, sun on your face and a drink in your hand - ah, summertime. This refreshing blend of spearmint, grapefruit, orange & bergamot will having you hearing seagulls in no time. 

Fall Harvest - Grab your flannel shirts and warm your hands by the campfire as you enjoy this delicious blend of cinnamon, clove, vanilla & orange. 

Holiday Break -  Nothing enlivens the holiday spirit quite like holly berries. With the prickly green leaves and vibrant red berries, decorating with the holly plant is one of the oldest wintertime traditions. This blend combines blood orange, douglas fir, eucalyptus & patchouli to create the aroma of Christmas stockings filled with oranges next to the tree adorned with berries.


Not for internal use. Persons with allergies to any ingredient in this product should exercise caution. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.

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